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Laptops are portable with a monitor, keyboard and mouse pad built in. Laptops are also sometimes called Notebooks.

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Desktops are not portable and usually have a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Tablets have a Touch Screen, are very portable and have NO DVD Drive.

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Windows-based Chromebook rivals revealed

ChromebookMicrosoft has clearly watched Google introduce its range of Chromebook laptops with interest, as last week it announced that it will be releasing its own range of affordable, portable PCs, based on Windows.

Company spokesperson, Kevin Turner, said that it is partnering with manufacturer, HP, to produce Read more

Update Adobe Flash to avoid security exploits

FlashLogo_largeLast week it was revealed that a Google engineer had uncovered a new security loophole in Adobe's widely used Flash platform, potentially leaving millions of people vulnerable to exploitation by malicious third parties.

The vulnerability impacted not just the platform, but many of the world's biggest websites which rely upon it, including YouTube and Instagram.

While the intricacies of the exploit are...

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Gigabit Broadband Destined for Irish Launch

Image via Image via

Vodafone announced this month that it is intending to make next-generation gigabit broadband available to customers in Ireland by using fibre0optic networking.

The provider will be partnering with ESB to install fibre cabling right up to individual premises, rather than linking this type of technology...

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Facebook confirms news feed manipulation

FacebookThis week Facebook revealed the troubling truth behind the control it exerts over people's news feeds, stating that over half a million people were secretly used as test subjects, to see whether seeing mostly positive or mostly negative posts from friends would result in a notable change in the observer's emotions.

In short, analysts found that people who saw fewer positive posts from friends in their news feeds were more likely...

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