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Laptops are portable with a monitor, keyboard and mouse pad built in. Laptops are also sometimes called Notebooks.

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Desktops are not portable and usually have a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Tablets have a Touch Screen, are very portable and have NO DVD Drive.

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Wireless charging coming to laptops in 2015

Image via Image via

Next year, the humble laptop will finally break free of the need to connect to a mains power supply via a cable, as chip manufacturer, Intel, is getting ready to make wireless charging a reality in 2015.

Wireless charging is already possible on some smartphones, but so far, mainstream Read more

Toshiba Cloud Book CL10-B revealed

Image via Image via

Toshiba was quite an innovator back in 2010 when it released the first Cloud Book - a laptop designed to run on the Android operating system. While it may not have been a sales success, it did manage to pre-empt the arrival of similar devices, like Google’s Chromebook range.

Now in 2014 the manufacturer has...

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Alienware's outlandish new gaming PC revealed

Image via Image via

Alienware has long been known for its stylish, unusual desktop computers, designed for gaming fans, but the latest version of its Area-51 model could be the strangest yet.

The PC made its appearance during the PAX Prime conference last week and has an overhauled case which is intriguingly...

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More Details of HP and Microsoft's Chromebook Rival Emerge

stream-14 Image via

Windows 8.1 may soon be winging its way to a bargain-basement laptop from HP which is designed to give Google's range of Chromebooks a run for their money, according to TechRadar.

The device in question is reportedly going to be called the Stream 14, which alludes to its 14-inch 720p screen. Other...

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