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Laptops are portable with a monitor, keyboard and mouse pad built in. Laptops are also sometimes called Notebooks.

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Desktops are not portable and usually have a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Tablets have a Touch Screen, are very portable and have NO DVD Drive.

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Windows 9 free upgrade mooted

Windows91Microsoft could be looking to pull yet more of its customers away from its older operating systems as part of a scheme which will see the upcoming Windows 9 platform offered to people free of charge, according to ZDNet.

It is rumoured that those who have laptops and desktop computers that are still running either Windows XP or Vista, will get Windows 9 gratis, as and when it is made available.

This is not an...

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Custom MacBook Pro takes on tablet form factor

Image via Image via

A new third party modification company is offering customers the chance to convert a high end MacBook Pro laptop, with a Retina Display, into a powerful and portable tablet computer.

Modbook has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Pro X, its...

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Alienware launches new high end gaming laptop

Image via Image via

If you have a few thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket and you love playing the latest video games, then getting a dedicated gaming laptop may be something you will consider. And Dell-owned Alienware has just released a new model, targeted at the upper echelons of this already elite...

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Windows-based Chromebook rivals revealed

ChromebookMicrosoft has clearly watched Google introduce its range of Chromebook laptops with interest, as last week it announced that it will be releasing its own range of affordable, portable PCs, based on Windows.

Company spokesperson, Kevin Turner, said that it is partnering with manufacturer, HP, to produce Read more