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Laptops are portable with a monitor, keyboard and mouse pad built in. Laptops are also sometimes called Notebooks.

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Desktops are not portable and usually have a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Tablets have a Touch Screen, are very portable and have NO DVD Drive.

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Heartbleed bug causes international panic

heartbleed bug Image via

Online security is always a topic that receives a lot of attention, but last week?s revelations about the Heartbleed bug have helped raise the profile of the issue for a mainstream audience.

While the complicated underpinnings of the problem may be too much for most of us to understand, the basic idea is that...

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Next Samsung tablet could boast AMOLED screen

Samsung-SM-T800-tablet Image via

While Samsung has been outfitting its smartphones with AMOLED display technology for a few years, its full size devices, like tablets and laptops, have so far missed out on this high end hardware.

However, all that could change this year, as SamMobile reports a new gadget called the SM-T800 is...

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Microsoft alters email privacy policies

MicrosoftAnyone with an email account hosted by Microsoft will be interested to hear that the software giant will no longer be willing to advocate any of its employees accessing messages sent and received by customers, under any circumstances.

What it will do, however, is get law enforcement involved if it suspects any foul play is taking place, which could still lead to clandestine rifling through email accounts in the...

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Acer unveils new PC monitors

B276HUL-470-75 Image via

A number of new desktop PC monitors, designed for people who love editing video and gaming, have been unveiled by Acer, boasting impressive features to make an upgrade justifiable.

For those who are ready for resolutions that go beyond 1080p, the 2K-toting B276HUL will be a good choice. Its 27 inch panel has a...

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