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About PC Checker

What is PC Checker?

PC Checker was set up as a free, independent and impartial web comparison service for people looking to buy a new computer in 2005. Here at PC Checker our main priority is to show you the most up to date prices and deals available so you can find the best computer that best meets YOUR needs and not a pushy salesperson's!

We run the site as a free service and we get a small amount of commission based on each sale that originates from this site. This commission is a bit like the recommend-a-friend deals that you might have been offered yourself in the past. The commission is NOT reflected in the price you pay for the computer but paid for directly by the online retailer.

This site is only possible through the commission we generate from web sales so if you value the service we provide then remember to click to the deal you choose from our site so they know PC Checker sent you!

What is the PC Checker score all about?

Staff at PC Checker have loads of experience in the world of computers and so know their Megabytes from their Memory! We realise that to lots of people computer terminology can be a bit confusing and so we’ve given each component a rating so that you can see how good that computer part really is. The individual scores have then been combined to give you an overall PC Checker score so that you can see how the computers rate against each other at a glance.

Is it ok to buy a computer with a low PC Checker Score?

It depends what kind of computer you are looking for, most people just wanting a basic computer for home use (word processing, browsing the internet) do not need a computer with a very high PC Checker score because they do not need to run high specification games, edit very large pictures or movies frequently. However if you are wanting to carry out these types of tasks easily then you need at least an entertainment grouped computer to do so!

Use the PC Checker categories basic, entertainment or ultimate to see which computers are recommended to match your usage needs.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

PC Checker has a team of dedicated staff that compare deals from leading web sites in the UK and check prices hourly so you don’t have to! We are impartial – we will never try to sell you any particular computer or push certain retailers’ products – we just want you to find the best deals so you keep using our site and recommend it to others!

Good luck with your computer search and if you get stuck you can always ask us for help here or via our online chat.

Andy Symonds
PC Checker Founder