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Ultimate / Gaming Desktop Computers

An Ultimate / Gaming Desktop computer is a top of the range machine which is built with the most powerful parts, does everything brilliantly and is as 'future proof' as possible. Ultimate Desktop computers have a Dedicated Graphics Card and the extra power to carry out the following tasks with ease:

  • Carrying out multiple intensive tasks all at the same time.
  • Playing the latest games on 'high' settings smoothly.

Every Ultimate / Gaming Desktop computer below has been scored by PC Checker based on the components it is built with so even if you know nothing about computers you can see our overall grade for each Ultimate Desktop computer!

Voucher Codes - PC Checker apply ALL discount / voucher codes that are available on the web automatically to the prices we compare. If there is a * next to the price displayed then when you click Go to Deal a pop up box will detail the code and any instructions you need to apply at the checkout to get the price displayed here!

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