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A Basic Laptop computer

Google Android 4.3

2 GB Memory | 32 GB Hard Disk

Full specifications

Full Specifications

HP SlateBook 14-p000na, J0B32EA #ABU Full Specifications

PC Checker Score

Grouping Basic
PC Checker Score 12.0881

Operating System

Operating System Google
OS Version Android 4.3


Processor Make Nvidia
Array Tegra 4
Processor Speed 1.80 GHz
Processor Cache 2 MB
Processor Cores Quad Core
Processor Family Tegra
Lithography No
Processor Score 34.29


Memory 2 GB
Memory Score 12.5

Hard Disk

Hard Disk Size 32 GB
Hard Disk Type No
Hard Disk Score 1.5625


Graphics Type Shared
Graphics Manufacturer No
Graphics Card Shared / Integrated
Graphics Memory No


Screen Size (inches) 14
Touch Screen Touchscreen

Size & Weight

Dimensions H15.9 x W344 x D240 cm
Computer Weight 1.68 kg


Battery Life Up to 9 hours battery life

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