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One million Windows 10 testers sign up

windows10-cyan-logo-largeOver a million people have now got involved with the public testing phase of Windows 10, Microsoft’s next major operating system update, that is due to make major improvements in functionality and sales compared with Windows 8.

Almost a quarter of a million pieces of information about user experience with Windows 10 have been beamed back to Microsoft, which means the company will have a lot to work with as it prepares the software for its official launch.

Spokesperson, Joe Belfiore, said that the contributions of the testers had been significant so far, noting that plenty of vociferous individuals have been providing useful hints at where Windows 10 needs tweaking, while also indicating the things that Microsoft has got right.

Windows 10 will be rolling out across laptops, desktop computers, tablets and even smartphones, creating a unified user experience that is less fragmented than any current offering. And, given that Microsoft remains a dominant force in the computing market, this could help it boost sales in other areas.

Sixty eight per cent of testers have launched an average of seven apps during every day of their use of Windows 10 so far, indicating that this blanket approach to previewing the platform has been very engaging.