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Windows 9 information unveiled

Windows_9This week a few more pieces of information about Windows 9 have been reported, giving fans of Microsoft's operating ecosystem a sneak peek at what its next iteration will offer ahead of its official September 30th launch.

One interesting capability that will be built into the software is support for 8K resolutions, going above and beyond the 4K UltraHD standard that is only just finding a foothold in the marketplace.

Icons and apps will be able to scale to match up to displays that have a pixel density of 240dpi, according to PCPortal. Of course these 8K capabilities are being implemented for a point in the future when displays supporting this resolution are actually on sale, but it is good to see Microsoft designing Windows 9 for the long term.

Windows 8 has been met with a muted reception since its initial release and many are hoping that Windows 9 will see Microsoft return to form. With millions of laptops and desktop computers still reliant on Windows, even with the rise of smartphones and tablets in recent years, Microsoft is holds the fate of the market in its hand and could yet reassert its dominance with Windows 9.