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Wireless charging coming to laptops in 2015

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Next year, the humble laptop will finally break free of the need to connect to a mains power supply via a cable, as chip manufacturer, Intel, is getting ready to make wireless charging a reality in 2015.

Wireless charging is already possible on some smartphones, but so far, mainstream laptops have not had access to this cable-killing feature. The introduction of Intel’s new Skylake chipsets will help to change that, according to PC Advisor, meaning that portable PCs will no longer have to be tethered to a plug socket directly.

Of course, you will still need a wireless charging dock to make sure that your laptop’s battery remains fully juiced, but the added convenience of eliminating power cables will definitely be a selling point that manufacturers can push next year.

Eventually, it is expected that wireless charging over longer distances will be possible, making plug sockets at home a thing of the past. But for the time being, most solutions require direct contact between the device and the charging pad to transfer the electricity.

Faster wireless connectivity for streaming and internet access is also on the cards for 2015, so it could be a year in which laptops make a comeback.